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What We Do

Do you own a historic property, or have an affinity for traditional old-world craftsmanship? Here at Bell’s Restoration and Timberworks we do too. We specialize in the restoration, preservation, and replication of historic structures. We strive to educate our Clients about their historic buildings and how to care for them, and help customers fulfil their dreams of new dwellings built with the aesthetic vision and heirloom quality of the old ways. Whether you have an 18th or 19th century home, timber frame barn, cabin, or other timeless structure that is in  need of repair, or if it is time to design that new timber frame addition to your existing home, or if you’re looking to construct a brand new building let us assist you in bringing your dreams to reality.


Timber frame restoration- Timber frame buildings are made to stand for centuries. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful structures see many years without attention for one reason or another. Fortunately, these structures are extremely resilient and with a little attention can be made safe and strong again. We use traditional joinery techniques to make repairs and replacements as well as using modern day machinery and rigging gear to safely and securely lift, push, and pull your building back to its original form. That may mean holding a bank barn suspended in the air while its stone foundation is repaired to replacing a failing timber twenty feet in the air.

  • Barns

  • Barn conversions

  • Corn Cribs

  • Covered Bridges

  • Stabilization and Rigging

  • Masonry

  • Assessments


Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 12.18.05 AM.png

Sometimes building new, making a move or adding on to a house are not workable options for a customer but there are always ways to give an existing space that special timber frame aesthetic. Through the use of new and reclaimed lumber we can transform your existing space to have that same look and feel as if it had been built a century ago.

  • Timber frame accents.

  • Rustic remodels


Cabin restoration- Everyone loves to see a beautiful cabin in the woods, but what they don’t like to see is part of their beautiful home rotting away. We have restored both modern and traditional style cabins by refacing, splicing, and replacing logs all while leaving the remainder of the structure undisturbed. As with timber frames we employ the use of traditional joinery, but also use modern day marine grade epoxies and fasteners to ensure that all repaired connections are as strong, and near invisible as possible.

  • Traditional hand-hewn Half Dovetail and Crown Notch.

  • Re-chinking

  • Log repair, and refacing.

  • Assessments

  • Stone Masonry repair

  • Structural repair, including termite and powder post beetle damage.

  • Structural reinforcement

  • Porches
  • Window glazing

  • Custom lathe turnings

  • Architectural millwork replication
  • Assessments


Metal Roofing- We install a variety of metal roofing types ranging from traditional style mechanically locked standing seam to modern screw down metal roofing. We also repair all types of metal roofing when such repairs are practical.

  • Traditional double mechanical lock standing seam metal roofing.

  • Screw Down metal paneling


20200829_164603 copy.jpg

New Timber Frame structures- Timber frame structures are a timeless way to bring beauty and elegance into your home, or property. We feel they are a beautiful marriage of art and functionality, only limited by one’s imagination.  From an inviting timber entrance, to a fully custom dream house, our staff can  assist you to make your vision a reality:  From the design and engineering of your project, through the budgeting and permitting process, and  will be personally involved in each step of the construction of your dream project.

  • Pergolas

  • Pavillions

  • Porches

  • Homes

  • Hybrid Homes

  • Trusses

  • Car ports

  • Swing Sets


  • Rough sawn timbers and lumber with either circular or bandsaw texture

  • Dried lumber

  • Kiln services

  • Salvage/demolition of vintage materials

  • Sales of salvaged material

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